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Doctor examining the young lady before plastic surgery

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Denver's Most Trusted Reconstructive Surgeon

Our approach to healing isn’t just about treating an individual area of the body, or even just about repairing and managing your symptoms. We understand that your confidence and ability to feel good in your skin following your injury or while living with your condition is a major factor in your ability to make a truly effective, long-lasting recovery.

That’s why the team at Physical Medicine of the Rockies offers plastic reconstructive surgery to patients whose bodies have been affected by a wide variety of traumas and conditions. Additionally, we focus on more than just the direct site of injury, placing a strong emphasis on optimizing your patient experience through a mind-body treatment regimen. When you receive reconstructive surgery from the top plastic surgeon in the Denver metro area, you can expect to have an active and shared decision-making experience as your physicians work together to manage your care.

The team at PMR is passionate about practicing what we preach: the mind and body are integral to return one’s self to the highest level of function and quality of life. If you’re ready to feel amazing in your skin and return to full functionality, don’t wait. Schedule your first consultation with Physical Medicine of the Rockies today.

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Surgery for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Nerve Damage treatment 

At Physical Medicine of the Rockies, plastic surgery team specializes in a number of reconstructive procedures that can help repair your body, improve your mobility, preserve your health, and restore your confidence across Centennial, CO and the Denver metro area.

Many of our patients who elect for these procedures are living with diabetes, and have been affected by diabetic neuropathy. Neuropathy usually affects the peripheral nerves in the hands and feet, causing numbness and pain as well as visible damage to the surrounding tissues. Peripheral nerve surgery can help restore your ability to walk and relieve these painful, uncomfortable symptoms. 

Reconstuctive Plastic Surgery for Cancer Patients

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Sepcialist - centennial, CO

Another large population who regularly takes advantage of our reconstructive surgical capabilities includes those who are living with -- and have beaten -- various types of cancer. For patients whose bodies have been affected by cancer, reconstructive surgery for cancer patients can make a huge difference, providing the comfort and confidence necessary to go through the recovery process.

Some of our most popular procedures include:

  • Reconstructive microsurgery for cancer treatment: Microsurgical plastic surgery is a type of procedure in which your surgeon can zero in on and repair very small, intricate structures that have been damaged as a result of cancer or cancer treatment. 
  • Mastectomy reconstructive surgery: If you’ve had a mastectomy in order to remove or mitigate breast cancer, elective reconstructive surgery can help restore your breasts, ensure healthy healing, and boost your confidence.

If you’re ready to feel great about the way you look and find relief for painful, uncomfortable, and stubborn conditions that can occur as a result of cancer and cancer treatment, don’t wait. Reach out and schedule your first appointment at Physical Medicine of the Rockies now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Could I have neuropathy if I don’t have diabetes?

Yes. While diabetes is a leading cause of peripheral neuropathy, the condition can also be caused by an injury or other form of trauma to your nervous system.

What types of structures can be repaired using microsurgery?

The most common structures we repair using microsurgery at PMR are blood vessels and nerves, both of which can be affected by a wide variety of traumas and conditions.

Will I need physical therapy following my reconstructive surgery?

Yes! Physical therapy is an essential element of your recovery, and it’s extremely important to follow through on every therapy your team of physicians prescribes. The specialists at PMR are here to guide you through every step of this process.

How do I get started with PMR?

If you’re ready to make your first appointment with us, we’ve made it as easy as possible. Just click the button below and schedule your consultation right here on our website!