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New Patients

If you are a new patient to Physical Medicine of the Rockies, click here to download and print the new patient paperwork prior to your first visit.

Returing Patients

If you are returning as a follow-up patient, click here to download and print the follow-up paperwork prior to your next visit.

What to expect at your visit with Physical Medicine of the Rockies

Physicians at PMR are specialists, which means they are available to provide additional focus on your areas of need as it relates to your injury or condition. As a new patient at PMR, you should expect a longer than usual appointment since your physician will want to speak with you in-depth about what you are experiencing. Length and complexity of your follow-up visit(s) will vary based on the program of treatment and level of progress.

Many patients will be asked to complete an “Outcomes Management Questionnaire” at one or all appointments. This questionnaire is vital to our physicians in collecting information that you provide on your perception of your pain and how it impacts not only your area of injury, but your day-to-day living and quality of life. This questionnaire will be completed on a touch tablet upon early arrival to your appointment, or via your mobile device sent out the day prior to your upcoming visit.