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Your Top musculoskeletal doctors in Colorado

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Patient Centered Care in Centennial, Colorado Springs & thorNton, Co

We Are Physical Medicine of the Rockies

If you’re living with the pain, discomfort, and loss of function associated with a musculoskeletal condition, you deserve relief -- but not just temporary, short-term relief that keeps you coming back to the hospital over and over again. You deserve a high-quality care experience provided with the goal of restoring you to full functionality and eliminating pain at the source. You deserve results that are effective, long-lasting, and real. 

At Physical Medicine of the Rockies (PMR), we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, offering surgical consultation and options in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as complex wound care. Using state-of-the-art technological approaches, we provide accurate diagnoses and work alongside you to develop an individualized treatment plan that truly works.

Additionally, we realize that pain problems can exact not only a physical but also an emotional toll on one’s quality of life. Our providers recognize this and apply it to their philosophy of care, addressing it as a vital part of your overall treatment plan.  

If you’re ready to work with the musculoskeletal doctors in Centennial, Colorado Springs, and Throton, Colorado and restore your body, don’t wait another day. Schedule your first appointment with the team at Physical Medicine of the Rockies and recover your life today.


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Meet Our Care Team

Dr. Primack, Headshot.

Scott J. Primack, DO


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Tanya M. Oswald, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery & Acute Wound Care


 Eric Shoemaker, DO

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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  • Choose this surgeon! This office is oozing with professionalism and " bed side manor". She fixed up my hand beautifully! Less then a month and you can hardly tell. Can't give this place enough love!

    Posted On March 16, 2021

Orthobiologic Solutions for Joint Pain

Regenerative Medicine

Our main focus is treating patients who are struggling with conditions and injuries of the muscles due to chronic conditions or accidents. PMR offers cutting-edge, non-invasive alternatives to surgery that stimulates cell growth in areas where tissues and cartilage have been damaged. 

PMR emphasizes coordinated care on a number of levels, from regenerative orthopedics and sports medicine to chronic regional pain syndrome treatment and more. 



Neuro Musculo Skeletal Care
State of the Art Tech

State-of-the-Art Physiatric Care

Cutting-Edge Technology

Using state-of-the-art technological approaches such as electrodiagnostic testing, ultrasound, fluoroscopic guided interventions and regenerative medicine, we provide accurate diagnoses and work alongside you to develop an individualized treatment plan that truly works.


Helping You Look & Feel Your Best

Reconstructive Surgery

We’re proud to provide reconstructive surgery to cancer patients, those with diabetic neuropathy, and others whose bodies have been affected by conditions and trauma. As the top plastic surgeon in Colorado Springs, we also help repair smaller structures that have been damaged as a result of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, including blood vessels and nerves.


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Recover With Colorado’s Top Musculoskeletal Doctors

Physical Medicine of the Rockies for Comprehensive Care

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