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Beyond Pain Management

Typical pain management practices focus on treating pain. However pain itself is not a condition; pain is a symptom. By working hard to diagnose and address the underlying cause of the pain, we take your care beyond pain management.

Going beyond pain management involves utilizing all of the tools that exist for treatment, not just the usual pain pills and “series” of shots that you will be offered at a pain management practice. Although treatment options may include the prescribing and management of opiate pain medication, we typically emphasize non-opiate treatment. You will never be pushed to take pain pills in this practice.

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Find Relief: Start Moving Without Pain Today!

While treatment options often include focused injections to help diagnose and treat the cause of your pain, great care is taken to minimize any injections that are not helpful.

Physical Medicine of the Rockies specializes in non-surgical orthopedics, also known as musculoskeletal medicine. In some cases surgery needs to be considered. When this is indicated we will help guide you in finding the right surgeon for your condition.

We utilize cutting edge medical techniques including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), advanced neurodiagnostics and a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.

Contact Physical Medicine of the Rockies to learn more about your best treatment options to start living pain free today.